Applied Improvisation

By applying improvisational theater techniques and processes to non-theatrical settings, non-actors gain access to a fully developed yet flexible approach to working with each other, building on each other’s ideas, and having a great time while doing it.

To think fast, you have to slow down and listen – to your client, to your gut, and to each other. Improv is ‘listening training.’

Applied Improvisation is an extremely effective experiential learning methodology which activates collaborative creativity, enhances presentation skills, turns groups into teams and generates ideas.

Team Building

Our Team Building workshops are designed around the premise that a great team is one in which everyone both listens and is listened to, and develops an instinct to make each other look good.

We do this by leading groups through a series of shared experiences the break down the obstacles preventing them from working together as a great team.  We establish a safe, playful environment that encourages and rewards creative risk taking and mutual support, and gets groups on their feet, working together in unexpected and effective ways.

Applied Storytelling

Stories have a profound impact on us because they engage different parts of our brains at the same time, generating a web of new emotional and logical connections.

We use stories instinctively. We use them as tools we use to make sense of the world and help shape our identity. We use stories to educate, persuade, convey our values and bring us together.

Crafting a good story and telling it well are skills that can be learned and practiced.

Applied Storytelling is the process of teaching those skills and to improve communication, presentation, leadership, and overall professional development. Participants develop their stories in a supportive and collaborative environment, learning to apply techniques to clarify story moments, use structure to reinforce the main point, and add detail in strategic ways to make their story more memorable.

The facilitator-led debrief of their performance, along with specific adjustments detailed by the instructor, allows participants to learn from themselves, and each other, as they break habitual communication modes and avoid common traps.

Creative Ideation

We use improvisation to help groups generate ideas. Innovating takes teamwork, focus, energy and risk. Our ideation facilitator packs all of those elements into a high-performance session, using a process designed to remove the obstacles that prevent great ideas from getting through, and to build on an idea before we have a chance to give up on it. Sessions work best when designed around a specific goal or set of business problems identified in collaboration with our clients.

Custom Shows

We are powered by The Magnet Theater, an improv comedy theater and school in Manhattan.  Our veteran improvisers have provided entertainment for organizations from the IT Department of the NFL to the CEO’s leadership team at PepsiCo.  And we are happy to customize a show for your group.

We can make it interactive, improvise around specific company details, and even bring the boss up onstage for some unforgettable fun.

Let us make your event come to life, or bring energy and fun to a day full of serious training.  

Let’s Connect

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